The Garage Syndicate
We are a community of investors from USA, Europe, Cyprus, Great Britain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, Monaco, formed in 2021. Entrepreneurs, business angels, top managers of corporations — 165 Limited Partners, practising investors. Together we have invested $12.5M in 18 companies: Coursera, Standart Cognition, LegionFarm, Allset, Tanium, Trax, Kraken, Retarget, B9, Muncher, Rappi, Sportrecs, Alphaflow, Allocations, QuickNode, Elenas, XOR, FLAT. The founders of The Garage — Igor Shoifot, Vladimir Gidirim and Sergey Mosunov — are experienced venture investors, they have invested in hundreds of deals and dozen profitable exits. Thanks to a wide network, founders have access to unique deals offered by syndicate members and in which they invest themselves. Download the deck and you will get more information.
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Investment Focus
We invest in fast-growing startups with at least 2 years growth and MRR from $100k, almost all industries except offline, hardware, highly scientific, or nontech and mostly focus on us, West and Latam. The most competitive Pre-IPO deals in the secondary market for fast low risk moderately high returns.
Our Investment Deck
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