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Fast-growing, numbers-driven deals in large potential markets with high exit probability /multiples

unique companies with distinct competitive advantages, not just in their tech, but mainly in their business

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A unique 10% hurdle rate for every deal


Personal GP participation
SignalFire, TMT Investments
USA I 2022
Platform that automates “blue-collar workers” hiring and speeds up the process.

Investment rationale

Company confirmed Product-Market-Fit: hundreds of paying business clients, thousands of employed people.

XOR's revenue grew x2.8 in 12 months.

The company has passed the break-even point and provides a stable positive cash flow.
Other VC investors:
TMT Investments
USA I 2022
Online clinic (web platform and app) providing psychological health care.

Investment rationale

MEDvidi has proven the ability to grow rapidly: in 7 months of this year, they have grown x2.6 compared to the entire previous year.

The high marginality of the product, an average of 78% by 2022, made it possible to achieve AR 7.6M without attracting external investment.

The company confirmed Product-Market-Fit: more than 26 thousand online visits.
Other VC investors:
ARCH Ventures etc.
USA I 2023
Recuro Health is dedicated to integrated digital healthcare solutions that are transforming the US healthcare system from a reactive disease-centric model to a proactive approach.

Investment rationale

The company has confirmed Product-Market-Fit - contracts with major corporations, high satisfaction with service, growing revenues.

High margin business.

The very experienced founders who created Teladoc.
Other VC investors:
Glisco Partners, TMT Investments
Brazil, Mexico, Columbia I 2021
Muncher is a fast-growing Latin American cloud kitchen startup. The company organizes dark-kitchens and manages these restaurants brands, that specialize on food delivery.

Investment rationale

Impressive growth of x4.3 YoY.

Very healthy unit-economics.

Muncher is the most likely consolidation platform multi-billion-dollar business in a fast-growing region.

Other VC investors:
Groups of angels
USA I 2022 & 2023
The startup’s software helps its users to create new SPVs and funds more quickly, also helping investors manage capital calls and the like after their fund is formed.

Investment rationale

Founder Kingsley Advani is an experienced venture capitalist. While running a global investor group, he has seen firsthand firsthand experience of the pain points that Allocations seeks to solve.

Impressive traction - on the platform has already raised more than $1B in investments.

A huge growing market. Every year in the U.S., it attracts $2.9TRL of private market capital.
Other VC investors:
Tiger Global, Soma Ventures etc.
USA I 2022
Service simplifies blockchain infrastructure for teams big & small. Global API and Web3 developer tools for 10 blockchains.

Investment rationale

The founding team are successful entrepreneurs with deep knowledge of the market in the field of software creation and blockchain.

Exponential growth of indicators since the beginning of the year.

Aggressively growing market with a projected CAGR 68.4% over 2021-2026.

Other VC investors:
Leo Capital, FJ Labs, Alpha4
Mexico, Columbia I 2022
Latin America’s leading social commerce platform, empowering thousand of female micro-entrepreneurs across Latin America to build their own online stores and sell products to their communities.

Investment rationale

The company confirmed Product-Market-Fit: already 80,000 women private sellers and entrepreneurs are using the platform to generate income.

The company has an efficient business model - a marketplace model space, but without its own inventory and other capex, which means the potential for rapid scalability and profitable gross margins.
Other VC investors:
SoftBank, EQT Ventures etc.
USA I June 2021
Standard Cognition is an autonomous check-out solution without the use of cashiers that can be quickly installed in retailers' existing stores.

Investment rationale

The company is developing an innovative and promising product.

Standard uses an asset-light, SaaS-based business model with strong gross margins.

The company is seeing a strong market demand from global retailers as
evidenced by their large volume of inbound inquirie

Other VC investors:
TA Ventures, TMT Investments ect.
USA I 2021
Groups of angels
UK I 2021
A hyper-growing multi-million user sport video content distribution and monetization platform.

Investment rationale

The project shows rapid growth - the number of active MAU users grew from 200,000 to 1.5 million in two months, views from 4.1 mln to 16 mln.

Attractive Revenue share business model.

The product is already used by customers in 12 500+ sports media and more than 1,300 sports organizations and authors.
Other VC investors:
DST Global, Anthemis, Expa
Mexico I 2022
Real estate super app, that combines brokerage, lending, purchase, and sale of property.

Investment rationale

Fantastically fast growth x6 growth for the year.

Blue Ocean Opportunity. FLAT solves meaningful pain of participants in Mexico's "wild" real estate market, completely changing the rules on it, effectively creating it.

The team has significant technological and operational "moats" from possible competitors.
Other VC investors:
Adwisely (RetargetApp) is the multichannel advertising platform for e-comm brands. The platform analyzes website audience behavior and runs fully automated ad campaigns to boost sales & bring more profit.

Investment rationale

Adwisely is growing rapidly. In the last 6 months they have increased their margin to 70+%.

A strong and competent team. The CEO has 9 years experience in developing and scaling MarTech solutions for e-comm clients.
Softbank, UBS, Omers etc.
Singapore I 2021
Trax Retail is a leading global provider of in-store shelf monitoring and management solutions, combining its breakthrough proprietary computer vision, advanced internet of things hardware, on-demand workforce, and shopper solutions.

Investment rationale

Steady revenue growth with an average annual growth rate of of revenue growth over 80% over the last three years.

70% of revenue comes from the USA.

A clear path to profitability.
Other VC investors:
Other VC investors:
a16z, Salesforce Ventures, TPG
USA I 2021
Tanium Inc. was founded in 2007 in San Francisco to develop an innovative new approach to enterprise endpoint management and security.

Investment rationale

Tanium's EBITDA is more than 10%. The company's revenue for 2020 amounted to $600 mln, while revenue growth was 40%.

50 Fortune 100 companies are Tanium customers, including 7 of the 10 major U.S. retailers and 12 of the top 15 banks.

SalesForce invested in and entered into a strategic partnership with Tanium. In addition, SalesForce will SalesForce will sell Tanium to its customers.
Other VC investors:
TMT Investments, SVB Capital etc.
USA I 2021 & 2022
LegionFarm is a pay to play videogame-coaching company, connecting professional gamers with amateurs who want to improve their experience by hiring those pros on-demand as coaches.

Investment rationale

Company projects to more than double its results relative to 2020 by the end of 2021.

Gaming sessions nearly doubled from 400K to 700K unique sessions.

LegionFarm’s executive team presents a mix of deep expertise in the online gaming industry and an entrepreneurial mindset.
Other VC investors:
a16z, Flashpoint
USA I 2021
Allset Technologies is a marketplace platform founded in 2015 that connects customers to more than 4,500 restaurants in US, enabling pre-ordering meals for pickup and dine in.

Investment rationale

Strong financial results for 2020.

The company operates in the U.S. market, a large and growing market with double-digit growth rate.

Сompetent team with more than 10 years of experience in the market.
Other VC investors:
Groups of angels
USA I 2021
B9 is a fintech which allows underbanked Americans to demonstrate and build their creditworthiness based on their economic behavior to help them get access to personalized and fair-priced financial services and products.

Investment rationale

B9 is a quality fintech product with high growth potential.

The company was founded by fintech veterans with extensive experience in consumer lending.

Strong financial results for 2021.
Other VC investors:
Bloom.CAPITAL, Soul Ventures etc.
USA I September 2021
Kraken is the first U.S. crypto firm to receive a state-chartered banking license, as well as one of the first exchanges to offer spot trading with margin, regulated derivatives and index services.

Investment rationale

KrakenKraken is the first U.S. crypto firm to receive a state-chartered banking license,

As well as one of the first exchanges to offer spot trading with margin,

Regulate derivatives and index services.
Other VC investors:
SEEK Group, Future Fund, NEA
USA I February 2021
Coursera is an American massive open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller.

Investment rationale

More than 3,000 courses on Coursera.

Coursera partners with over 200 of the world's leading universities and companies.

An IPO is expected soon.
Other VC investors:
Sequoia, a16z, DST Global
Brazil, Mexico I December 2021
Rappi is a consumer tech company that specializes in providing online delivery services. It connects consumers who want to purchase prepared foods, groceries, clothes, and virtually anything with independent contractors.

Investment rationale

Rappi is the only SuperApp in the region where the SuperApp model extremely attractive to consumers.

Rappi customer retention metrics are several times better than
international counterparts.

The company operates in one of the most attractive markets for food-tech - LATAM, demonstrating annual double-digit growth rates.
Other VC investors:
Sequoia, VISA, TCV, BlackRock etc.
Sweden I March 2023
Klarna is is the only one ecosystem of banking, payment and e-commerce services, whichthat works at global scale in 20 markets, including Europe, United Kingdom and the USA.

Investment rationale

Klarna is the largest BNPL company, working with tens of thousands of retailers and conducting millions of transactions in the all world.

The company is showing an excellent growth rate.

Due to the current situation on the market — very favorable conditions of deal.
Other VC investors:


General Partner
General Partner
General Partner

Igor Shoifot

Vladimir Gidirim

Sergey Mosunov

Partner at TMT Investments: $250M market cap (London Stock Exchange AIM), first VC investors in 4 unicorns, 17 profitable exits, 8x+ stock growth, 8x net returns to investors. Boards of directors - 2 unicorns. Founder: CEO of Epsylon Games, the largest gaming site on Microsoft WebTV in 1990s (70+ games). Co-founder of Fotki (25M users in early 2000s). Sold vInternship system to Manhattan Institute of Management.

Co-founder at Angelsdeck: by far the largest Russian-speaking investment club (500+ investors). Taught at UC Berkeley and New York University for 11 years. Co-created a graduate course “Recreating Silicon Valley” at Stanford University. Wrote a chapter in "Masters of Corporate Venture Capital" book. Numerous interviews and articles about venture capital and startup growth in Forbes, NBC, MSNBC, Inc. Magazine, CIO Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wired, LA Times, Business Insider, etc. MBA from Boston University, PhD from the Russian Academy of Sciences, MA from Central European University in Budapest.
Vladimir started his career in consulting having spent over 23 years in several big4 advisory practices in Russia and in the Middle East; but since 2015 he started investing in private technology companies, mostly as an investor into syndicates run on Angellist and Fundersclub. In parallel Vladimir has made several angel (early seed and pre-seed) investments into startups. Over time, Vladimir has made over 300 syndicated investments and over 20 direct investments.

Vladimir's portfolio counts 6 profitable exits and numerous mark-ups with large unrealized multiples to his original investment. Besides his role as Venture Partner in The Garage Syndicate, he also teaches a course in "VC investment tax structuring" at Starta Angel Investor Academy. In his current role, Vladimir is senior member of the tax team in one of the global late-state VC funds. Vladimir has also invested as an LP into several marquee VC funds, including One Way Ventures, Hack VC, Asymmetry Ventures, Viaduct Ventures, and the Red Pill Venture Fund. Vladimir obtained an MBA degree from the Rrussian-German School of Management (sponsored by the bielefeld university in Germany). Vladimir authored a book on International Corporate Taxation in 2017.
Serial technology entrepreneur (built the r'ain group manufacturing company, zinc sulfide and selenide production, laser optics and medical laser equipment, multi-wavelength laser systems and optical current and voltage sensors).

A prolific venture capital investor, co-founder of the angelsdeck venture community (more than $60m in investments), an active angel investor in 100+ projects. Two executive mbas.
Investment Director

David Mnatsakanian

David has more than 4 years of experience in transaction advisory services acquired in top European banks and global consulting companies. He participated in 15+ M&A (buy-side and sell-side) and debt financing projects in financial services, real estate, consumer retail, media, and IT industries.

Graduated with a bachelor’s degrees in economics and finance from the Higher School of Economics and University of London. Currently pursuing his CFA designation.
Chief Operating Officer

Polina Sapina

Polina has a unique experience, combining her knowledge of the venture capital market with her expertise in real business and entrepreneurial practice. She was responsible for operations and finance at two startups. In one of them, she was a co-founder, and together with the team they passed the IIDF acceleration program and attracted angel investments.

Polina has three years of experience in the analytics team of the venture platform "IP Fund". She previously had corporate experience in B2B sales development and B2C sales management.

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