March 17, 2022

Dear friends,

Sad as it is to write, but Russian military aggression against Ukraine is a reality. Shelling of residential areas, death of civilians, destruction of cities and villages, blood, human grief and mutilated people and destinies is a reality. We at The Garage Syndicate have condemned Russia's attack on Ukraine from the start, and have personally helped refugees, charities and freedom fighters. We call on you to support, together with us, the people of Ukraine who suffered from the invaders.

The Garage Syndicate is making a donation to three well-known community organizations in the US that have proven themselves to be honest and efficient: $5,500 $5,000 $5,000

We also encourage our investors and friends to donate to these organizations.

Sincerely, Igor Shoifot, Vladimir Gidirim, Sergey Mosunov.